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This v3 upgrade is more than simply making the B727 X-Plane 11 compatible, as it has been totally revised in many areas...

> Stephen Dutton '' 

With the third major update, the 727 Series Professional V3 appears to have reach full maturity and is one of the top X-Plane experiences to be had.

> Chris Frishmuth 'PCPilot'

FlyJSim continues to deliver products that are used as examples of what makes X-Plane so great, and for anyone just starting out in X-Plane, I’d highly recommend picking this one up

> Ben Childs 'FSElite'

Introducing the FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3, a continuation of our commitment to providing high-quality next-generation simulations for the X-Plane platform. 'Relive the Golden Age' with the 727 Series, an accurate recreation of the 727-100, -200 and Freighter models with their respective JT8D engine variants. Be prepared to challenge yourself, as you discover an airliner which offers a down-to-basics, yet accessible simulation. You’ll find out exactly why this mid-sized aircraft became the aircraft of choice during the 1960s.




The 727 Series v3 is an aircraft for all abilities...


  • Approachable for beginners. Are you intimidated by aircraft with high workloads? FlyJSim has worked tirelessly to ensure you can jump-in and fly, no matter the skill level. This aircraft comes with the default Laminar FMC integrated, making IFR flying as easy as a 737. A comprehensive menu system will ensure the easiest interface to access to the aircraft. We have also developed in-depth and accessible manuals, which will have you flying in minutes.


  • A challenge for veterans. Looking for something more than just VOR-VOR flying? Turn on failures, and start counting up equipment wear on your aircraft. Our persistent failures system means you will be expected to properly check and maintain your aircraft at all times. Looking to fly a more interesting method of navigation? Then load up CIVA to access the full 727 experience (sold separately). Make sure you pay attention to your engines as pushing the engines too hard, or violent thrust commands will cause you some problems.


Extraordinary Exterior


  • Incredible textures.  Revamped textures show every rivet, crease, dent and oil stain on the exterior of our aircraft. Watch as light realistically reflects and reacts with every corner of this aircraft


  • Detailed animations.  All exterior control surfaces animated accurately to real world behavior and smoothly driven even in replay using our enhanced custom replay system. Accurately animated control surfaces, landing gear, flap deflections, and wing flex all help immerse you when piloting the aircraft.




  • Detailed lighting.  Lighting is based off real 727 data. Landing, taxi, taxi turnoff, strobe, beacon, navigation lights, wing and even logo lights have been faithfully modeled using the real angles and dimensions from real 727 documentation.


Intricate Interior  


  • Precisely dimensioned 3D cockpit.  A 727 modeled using real dimensions down to the size of the switches.  

  • Incredible cockpit lighting. We went to town this update. Every bulb and fluorescent light has been faithfully recreated as per the real aircraft. See as every light including annunciators fill your cockpit with life!

  • We have paid special attention to creating intuitive cockpit manipulation and interaction, including added mousewheel support.  Great care has been taken in setting up just how you interact with the switches, knobs, and levers in the cockpit. Dial in your headings, course, altitude, and radios with ease, even while flying online.    


Comprehensive Menu System


  • Redesigned and Inobtrusive Left-side Menu that dynamically appears only when moused over      

  • Weight and Balance Manager provides detailed loading of passengers, cargo and fuel to accurately and dynamically shift the aircraft’s CG   


  • V-card popup provides dynamic V-speeds for landing and takeoff including improved flap schedule calculations for user selected takeoff and landing flap config   


  • Additional customizable options menu to configure the plane and navigation systems


  • Checklist and notes provided in sime with a 32-page fully customizable window that includes checklists and an overview of the aircraft. Have something you need to reference in the flight? Add it into the notes page!


  • Our menu system is now 4K ready and can be easily scaled and moved to best suit your screen resolution




Flight Model

Following in our commitment to always have a fine-tined and precise flight model that recreates the real-world airplane, you would expect no less from the FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3.

  • Three different variants of the JT8D engine with individual performance tuned across the full flight envelope, with input from real world pilots. The series includes the JT8D-9 for the 727-100, JT8D-15 for the 727-200 and the JT8D-17 for the 727-200F.

    • Control surfaces driven using fully custom coding, simulating hydraulic pressures, blow-down effects and standby control surface modes in the event of failures.

Study Level Systems and Dynamics

Designed with input and testing by former 727-200 pilots and mechanics.


  • FD-108 flight director that is fully independent from the autopilot.  All modes accurately modeled and with accurate mode interlocks and animation.

  • SP-150 autopilot accurately modeled including MAN G/S intercept mode and altitude capture. Accurate mode interlocks and animation.

  • Altitude alert system acquisition and deviation modes and flaps 30/40 cutout modeled.

  • Autobrake system modeled to match real world data

  • Fully custom weather radar modeling.  We now simulate realistic cloud reflectivity, radar scanning, energy attenuation, and interference.

  • Full TCAS integration into a VSI instrument, including full TA/RA. Compatible with the Pilotedge network.

  • Accurate simulation of  an APU, ground power, generator paralleling and sync lights system.

  • Every annunciator light is push to test.  Bulbs burn out, so be sure to spot the burnt out bulbs during preflight!

  • Independent and functional navigation and communication systems, including separate nav radios, adf radios, VHF radios and more.

  • Bleed systems and performance physically modeled, and respond to temperature, altitude, wear, and humidity.

  • Pressurization and environmental cabin control systems faithfully modeled. Get the packs on before loading passengers on a hot day, and watch the cabin temp cool as the sun sets. Auto, Standby, AC and DC manual modes all faithfully modeled. Aft cabin zone heating system is modeled.  Duct overheats and pack trips and resets are modeled.

  • FMC and CIVA units realistically coupled to pilot HSI for improved situational awareness

  • Fully custom hydraulic systems and electrical busses

  • Instrument Comparator

  • GPWS including test functionality

  • Warning systems

  • Fire protection systems   

  • Weather radar   



  • They called it the whisperjet… but the sounds are anything but quiet. Continuing from the success of the 732 Twinjet, FlyJSim has developed an accurate and immersive FMOD sound pack, which provides a fully 3D positional experience.  Experience the realistic screech of a 727 JT8D engine at full power. You will hear every engine, switch, and greased trim wheel. Definitely an experience you will want to keep the headphones on for!


X-Plane VR compatible

  • For anyone who is as excited as we are for the technology, the FlyJSim 727 Series Professional is now fully compatible with X-Plane’s VR system. Now with custom and interactive manipulators, teleport hotspots and magnetic surfaces.


FlyJSim Enhanced Replay System in v3

  • Take the visual experience and learning to the next level during replays. The FlyJSim custom replay system records far more parameters, allowing you to enjoy all those exterior surfaces in accurate motion, even after you have shut the plane down at the gate. Learn from your performance in replay while reviewing more instrument needles, switches, guards, and levers in the cockpit not previously provided by X-Plane's native replay.



Maintenance System For Added Challenge in v3

  • An optional persistent maintenance and failure system is new in v3 to make your day more interesting. No more will you be flying a brand new aircraft each flight. Instead each flight will wear out your engines, APU, generators … and even airframe. Your flying technique will now have a direct bearing on failures and maintenance. As a pilot, you will have to learn how to handle an aircraft properly to avoid an unintended failure.

** New additions with Rainman Patch**

  • Brand new librain effects, which brings realistic rain windshield effects to the FlyJSim 732.  Watch as water accumulates on glass with accurate intensity and movement.

  • Folko's Avitab Tablet integration (requires 3rd party installation of Avitab). This brilliant plugin can now be optionally used in the cockpit with a visual rendition of the tablet. Use this tablet to display charts, grab routes and weather, view documents and more to support your flying


Manuals and Learning Material

  • This aircraft ships with newly redesigned, detailed manuals, procedures, and checklists.


Included Liveries (All new liveries for v3!)



  • American (N1996)

  • Eastern Airlines (N8102N)

  • United (N7001U)



  • Alaska Airlines (N294AS)

  • FlyJSim v3 House Colours (N727FJ)

  • Lufthansa (D-AFBI)

  • Pan Am (N4737)

  • PSA (N533PS)



  • DHL (N741DH)

  • FedEx (N466FE)

  • Kelowna Flightcraft (C-GWKF)




3rd Party Integrations


  • Ground call button integrated with the free open-source. Better-Pushback Plugin Plan and push from the gate without leaving the immersion of the cockpit.   

  • PilotEdge volume control and transmit/receive light.  Adjust com volume and monitor communication directly from the center pedestal in the 3D cockpit. The ultimate experience in online ATC simulation.           


  • Custom 3D model to make full use of CIVA navigation system         

Civa Plugin : (   













X-Plane 11.36+

Windows, Mac or Linux

4Gb+ VRAM Video card




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