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A Whole New Experience

The Q4XP is the result of years of dedication and FlyJSim's famous attention to detail, which has given birth to an entirely new aircraft experience. Featuring in-depth systems simulations, a meticulously detailed 3d model, 4K textures inside and out, a fully custom UNS-1Ew flight management system, and so much more as you take the controls. Feel the power of the PW150A Engines, hear the aircraft come to life, manage your aircraft like a real pilot as you fly this versatile and nimble aircraft to destinations throughout the world.

One Of The World's Most Popular Turboprops

The Q400 is a Canadian-built medium-range turboprop regional airliner. The Q400 has a high cruise speed to make it competitive with travel times similar to jets like the CRJ and ERJ in segments under 500nm but is much more fuel-efficient. The max range of the Q400 is 1100miles at MTOW. Operating from regional airports to larger hubs the Q400 can take off in as little as 4000 feet of runway, but can easily fly at jet speeds in the terminal area. This versatile aircraft can operate in challenging areas such as mountainous terrain, steep approaches, gravel runways, and in all weather conditions. The Q400 is currently operated by airlines all over the world, from the northern regions of Canada and Europe, to the Australian outback, and everywhere in between.

Incredible Aircraft Model

  • We have always had a great 3d model, but for the Q4XP we went above and beyond to bring you the best visual experience we can. Get up close and personal with this intricately detailed Q400 model complete with 4k PBR texture throughout.

  • Explore the fully functional aircraft cabin. Sun in your eyes? Close the window shade. Load your bag into the overhead bins. If you're hungry, have some food using the tray tables. Board the aircraft through the cabin doors. Explore the luggage compartments through the dedicated loading doors. Load up food and drinks through the service door in the galley.

  • Control the cabin with the Flight attendant control panel. Set the lighting to your taste, see what the cabin temperature is, check the status of the NVS system.

  • You get 18 Liveries to fly with, and over 70 more have been created by the best livery creators in the community and more to come.

The Flight Deck

  • We set off to make the most accurately modeled and textured aircraft cockpit we have ever created.

  • Your new office is beautifully and accurately modeled and textured. Explore the exquisite detail of the flight deck and all the equipment inside.

  • The controls are detailed and animated, just like the real aircraft. Enjoy the brand new intuitive prop and power controls, ensuring you have realistic and convenient control of your engines.

  • Just like the real plane, all switches and buttons work and move just like they should.


  • Experience the most immersive cabin in a flight-sim product anywhere

  • Includes a fully functioning FA panel, with operational control of cabin heating and lighting

  • Almost everything is animated, including functioning seatbelt/smoking signs, doors, tray tables, overhead compartments and much more to discover.

  • Realistic texturing and modelling, see every crinkle in the seat, every scrape of luggage in the aft cargo compartment. Just don't go adding more surface damage...

Our Famous Detailed Lighting Returns.