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The Q400 legacy has been with us for 10 years. It helped launched FlyJSim to where it is today. With the continuing rise of simulator technology, now was the right time to re-evaluate the product and how we can best address the turboprop simulation market and our fans for the next decade.

The Q4XP is the next step for FlyJSim. A brand new product line, this aircraft is designed to set multiple new standards for FlyjSim. Every aspect of the Q400 has been re-made from scratch and built with modern techniques to deliver you the ultimate Q400 experience.



The Q400 has been re-modeled and re-created in astonishing and gorgeous detail. Get up close with the aircraft as you explore every nook-and-cranny. Fuselage surface details are textured in 4k textures with full PBR, so you can see every metal surface shiny and dirt imperfections reflect appropriately off the aircraft.

In addition, we have recreated the following liveries for the Q4XP

  • Air Baltic

  • Air Canada - Jazz

  • Air Iceland

  • Alaska New

  • Austrian

  • Eurowings

  • FlyBe - Purple

  • FlyBe - White

  • Horizon

  • Porter

  • Qantas

  • WestJet

  • Wideroe



A pilot's office is the most important part of any aircraft... and the Q4XP cockpit is no exception. We've given the same amount of attention we would give to the exterior in this workspace. Every button, switch and dial is recreated to great detail. Over hundreds of custom animations and manipulative controls.



For the first time ever, FlyJSim is creating a custom navigation solution. The UNS-1e v1000 will be upfront for you to study and use in the Q4XP. Every aspect of this simulation is synoptic from behaviours of the official unit, and against thorough testing of our real-life Q400 pilots. Electrical quirks and timings are accurately portrayed. Aircraft legs are able to be accurately represented with full flight planning, departure and arrival programming, performance and real-time GPS simulation. A definite first for X-Plane.



The Q4XP will be a remarkable step-up in systems simulation in comparison to the Q400 Legacy and our classic lines. Underlying electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems are being dynamically simulated for the first time, allowing us to go even further with the simulation. Electrical lines simulate circuit delays accurately, circuit breakers will pop based on electrical overload. Hydraulic fluid is calculated and therefore rate of transfer, accumulation, or loss. Displays are independent and respond at accurate refresh rates. This is not just a simple recreation of the Q400, as our pilots will instinctively discover that this aircraft is alive.


Aircraft development is a lengthy process, and we stress that the images shown are in early development. Fans familiar with FlyJSim know that by following our social media groups, or by following the developers on Twitch, we will provide an open and transparent dialogue by which you can watch us develop the aircraft.

Jack (3D Modelling and Systems/Texturing) –

Valdudes (Texturing) -

That’s all we have to share with you at this moment. Don’t forget to follow us on either Facebook, Twitter, Discord or the Pilots Group to obtain new and upcoming information about our products and the Q4XP.