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Quite possibly, the best aircraft to ever exist for X-Plane

>Jack Skieczius

The immersion is just unreal. I thought I was looking at a real RC aircraft!

>Dellanie Byron

Finally, a study level craft for all my RC needs!

>Justin Snapp

FlyJSim is back again with their latest offering for the X-Plane 11 platform... because why would you ever want to leave? This time, we bring the outdoor experience of owning your own RC aircraft... into the virtual world of X-Plane 11


Version 1 is a feature packed experience, including...


  • A faithful representation of the 737-200 in miniature form

  • True to life exterior

  • High quality external modelling

  • Full PBR implementation. See the detail of that polystyrene on the external surface of the aircraft

  • The most realistic systems ever!

  • A exillerating  flight model

(Remote control not included. Model does not come with a functioning reverser or spoiler system. FlyJSim is not liable for any persons injured with the use of this model. Users are reminded not to stare at the sun when operating their aircraft. If you smell smoke, that is likely your PC and not the RC batteries... seek assistance when available. Gravel kit not included. Aircraft is property of FlyJSim LLC. All rights reserved)






X-Plane 11  - Version 11.41+

Windows, MAC or Linux - 64 bit Operating System

Minimum: 1+ GB of VRAM, 2Gb+ VRAM Recommended. 



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