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FlyJSim Q4XP External Artwork Now Complete

Let us tell you a story first. The Q400 was the original FlyJSim aircraft created for X-Plane Flight Simulator. Conceived over 9 years ago, the aircraft has been responsible for the journey and community that we have today. From the developers on the FlyJSim team, to all of our fans who have stuck out for us for a long time. We wouldn’t know where we would be today without this aircraft… and without you. It only makes sense that we start producing aircraft that is going to lead us into the decade, and produce the best Q400 we can possibly deliver!

With that goal in mind, we can announce that the exterior artwork of the Q4XP is now complete, we are pleased to reveal to you the final art direction of the aircraft. The work you see before you is the result of months of hard-work, as we try to push the visual capabilities of what is possible in X-Plane 11.

We also think visuals are louder than words, so we’ve put out these 4K images for you to keenly stare and observe all the detail. Take particular attention to the hand-crafted surface detail. Every rivet, screw and streak of dirt has been painstakingly made in full 4k texture maps.

We hope you have enjoyed this preview of the aircraft, and we will be back with more information for our annual Q2 update. The images shown are available in both 4k 16:9 and 21:9 format for those who might want a refresh of their desktop background.

For the full wallpaper download, visit :

For more regular information about the Q4XP and other on-going projects (such as Shared Flight), visit our Discord :


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