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DEVELOPER UPDATE 2 : Bless the rains!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Hello and welcome to the FlyJSim Q2 update! Summer is upon us and we’re incredibly excited for the season. We have a few points to update you on.

Shared Flight

The cat is out the bag! We recently introduced Shared Flight to the X-Plane community, a new and comprehensive multi-crew plugin. We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved, we had an extremely positive reaction as well as some really constructive feedback as to the direction we can take this application. There are a few things we should clarify : Training is part of the core ethos of this plugin. We really want simmers to get used to the idea of proper crew resource management, as well as using Shared Flight as a tool to enhance your own simming experience. If you feel like you have a product or service that could greatly benefit from this, contact for further information

Thank you for all those who have signed up on our notification form on our website. Beta testing has not yet commenced whilst we work on a few items on our development schedule. The best way to get involved is to either : i) Use the notification form on Join our company discord

Some people have voiced concerns about pricing. Rest assured, we want to deliver a product and price that is both economical, and a significant resource to your current flight-simulation demands. More information at a later date.

This product is not only limited to FlyJSim products! Yes, we are excited by the prospect of having a 3-manned crew on our glorious FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3. But we are opening this up to other products, and we’ve already had productive talks with other developers. By far the aircraft with the most overwhelming support request is the Zibo 737-800, and we can confirm that it will be a part of the initial support line-up. Shared Flight does have terrain synchronization, and doesn’t necessarily need the same scenery height requirements. That doesn’t mean we recommend building a red-bull ramp at the end of your runways, but Shared Flight will reasonably handle different sceneries. We will have more information on Shared Flight in the upcoming months, including live demonstrations, beta testing and more!

FlyJSim 732 and 727

Last month, some of you may recall us mentioning a “Quality of Life” update for our flagship aircraft. For those who have waited, we appreciate your patience. There were a few kinks and bits of technology we had to wait on, but we are “closer” to release. Here are a few things you can expect in the next update :

Singing in the rain! Singing in the rain! (Or rather, screeching in the rain.) Librain is coming to the FlyJSim aircraft, developed by the incredible Totoritko. Owners can finally put those wipers to the test by landing in torrential rainfall, and see realistic water droplets accumulate and move over the windshield. We’ve tried it in X-Enviro 1.10 and it looks absolutely stunning!

Avitab! Hinted in previous previews, Folko’s Avitab will be making an appearance. We understood that some pilots wanted a tool that would help reduce the workload in the office. Avitab delivers on this providing a comprehensive EFB, allowing you to access Navigraph charts, airport information, weather, jot down notes and much more. We shall also be updating this as Folko updates to the next iteration of Avitab.

Traffic Ahead! As first featured on the 727, the TCAS VSI will make its way into the 732. TCAS VSI is a digital instrument that incorporates both traffic information, as well as vertical speed indication, and is a common retrofit amongst older aircraft.

50, 40, 10… We’ve fixed an issue with GPWS sounds not triggering on the 732 for some pilots. No longer an excuse for some of your “efficient” landings.


Q4XP work continues on schedule and at a steady pace. We recently revealed that the exterior artwork is complete, and we are currently underway to pass on the cockpit to our texture artist, and commence work on the cabin.We appreciate your patience on this project. Developing aircraft is a lengthy process of labor and love. We don’t necessarily get to talk about everything until we have it out there. That being said, we always hear your feedback, and we’re passionate fans of the aircraft too. We think you’ll be surprised by what we have in store for you.There is one thing we get to show off today… which is liveries! Just look at this lineup!

For the UK fans, there was simply no-way we couldn’t do a FlyBe livery!

And of course… we have a familiar face...

Q400 Legacy [Formerly Q400 v2]

As the title implies, we will start to phase out the name of the old Q400. Many people mistakenly call the Q4XP as the Q400 v2. We want to emphasize the fact that the Q4XP is a brand new product, and has zero affiliation with the old product. We will be sad to see this 8 year old aircraft go (being the first in the FlyJSim fleet) but we’re also excited to set a new standard for ourselves.

That’s all for this update, we’ll be back later in the year for the third update. We will always provide information about release dates, when we are ready to! As always, take care and enjoy the summer holidays!


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