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The product that started it all. The Dash 8 is a high performance twin-engine turboprop airliner produced by Bombardier Aerospace. The "Q400 Legacy" by FlyJSim is suitable for both novice and experienced X-Plane users. It includes many advanced systems that will make your flight experience enjoyable for months to come whether you are looking for a short flight or an extended route simulation.

  • Accurate Flight Characteristics 

    • Created from over 60 hours of flight tests with information from real world data and backed by actual Q400 pilots.

  • Detailed Exterior Model

    • Created from extensive research of hundreds of images and references. Everything from the airfoils used on the wings to actual tire sizes modeled with detail in mind. Includes a full set of high resolution textures including normal maps, specular maps, and night lighting.

  • Highly Accurate 3D Cockpit

    • Fly happy knowing what you are looking at really is to scale. 3D cockpit modeled from detailed Q400 data. Textures created from thousands of images taken of the interior.

  • High Resolution EFIS Displays

  • Detailed Interior & Exterior Night Light

    • Be able to see the plane at night along with strobe and beacon lights that light up the fuselage. Cockpit lighting as well allows you to still see everything and enjoy flying in the dark.

  • Custom Sounds

    • Hear what the real Q400 sounds like. We have recorded real world Q400 sounds, including cockpit call-outs. The sounds alone add so much to the experience.

  • Plugin enhanced: 

    • We use plugins to add more systems and features that would otherwise be impossible to be implemented if left to use the default X-Plane logic. 

  • Load & Balance Manager:

    • A first in X-Plane, the Load & Balance Manager is a pop up screen which allows you to change the load-out and balance in real time. Pick from thousands of combinations of seating arrangement, cargo hold weights, and fuel amounts. See the Center of Gravity change as you load the aircraft differently and burn fuel in flight.

  • Many Liveries available: 

    • The package comes with 12+ liveries. Many more available online at


X-Plane 11.35+

Windows, MAC or Linux - 64 bit Operating System

Minimum: 1+ GB of VRAM, 2Gb+ VRAM Recommended. 

Current version: 2.1908.1135 (Last updated  1st August 2019)

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