We Are Now Hiring!

FlyJSim is looking for talented artists to join our team.

We're currently looking for freelance 3D modelers to help facilitate the creation of FlyJSim assets, and expand our existing lineup. This is a chance to work and learn with our company, and contribute to creating high quality simulation products for X-Plane.

Candidates must have :

  • At least 2 years experience of 3d modelling (hard surface preferred)

  • Flexible and self-motivated.

  • Time Management skills.

  • An interest in aviation.

Send inquires to

Please include:

  • Name, Age, Location/Time-Zone

  • How long you have been 3d modeling.

  • What software you are skilled with and any other important background that may help us in making our decision.

  • A portfolio showing your latest work.

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