Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Calling all creative minds, livery painters and aviation fans.This Holiday season we invite you to participate in the chance to win a copy of the Q4XP! FlyJSim would not exist today without its fans, and we would love to return the gratitude. We offer you the chance to pick up your paintbrush and compete to help us design our new house livery to celebrate 10 years of FlyJSim.


  • Design a brand new livery scheme for FlyJSim

  • This livery must look good against the FlyJSim 732 Twinjet, 727 Series and Q4XP

  • Take part in three phases each followed by a voting period.

Mandatory design criteria

  • Livery must include the FlyJSim logo(provided)

  • Livery must stick to a variant of blues (either from the palette or a proposed alternative)

  • Livery must be unique or related to FlyJSim in some way. The livery should represent the values of the company.

  • Submissions must be tested on a profile of each plane (732, 727 and Q4XP)

  • No plagiarizing off existing or conceptual liveries. (Both real and in-sim)


  • Try to avoid euro-white liveries

  • Perhaps come up with a catchy slogan

  • Perhaps incorporate product specific branding per livery e.g. 732 Twinjet

Competition Schedule

  • STAGE 1 : Public Submission

27th November - 27th December

You will all be given a month to concept up your designs over the holidays and submit them into the competition

  • VOTE/REVIEW 1 : Public Vote

27th December - 7th January

Everyone will get the chance to publicly vote for their submissions

  • STAGE 2 : Refined Submission 8th January - 29th January Based on feedback, you will be given the opportunity to improve your design

  • VOTE/REVIEW 2 : Public Vote

30th January - 5th February

Public vote for the 3 finalists

  • STAGE 3 : Livery Translation

6th February - 19th February

The top three submissions will be translated into an actual livery in-sim

  • Winner Chosen : Private Vote

20th February Prizes

Winner : One copy of the Q4XP on release and their livery translated to use on all FlyJSim products

Second and Third : Gift Certificates


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