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The 727 Series comprises three variants of the 727, the 100, 200Adv, and 200F(Freighter). We developed the 727 Series directly for X-Plane 10. Each version is sold separately or you can purchase them all together at a reduced price.

The 727 entered service in the early days of airline service during the 1960s, in a time before advanced flight computers, and many other systems seen in airliners today.  With 1832 build between 1963 and 1984, the 727 held the record for most built for a long time before the 737 surpassed it. The 727 was a common sight at airports for more then 30 years and now you can experience what it was like to fly in the beginnings of the jet age, and the hay-day of air travel.



The 100 is the first 727 model to be produced, entering service in February 1963, 50 years ago. It is the shortest and lightest version produced and is equipped with the JT8D-9A engines.

The 200Adv is a stretched version of the 100, being 20 feet longer. It first flew in July 1967, and was updated to the advanced model in 1972. It is equipped with the JT8D-15A engines.

The 200F is the freight version of the 200Adv, introduced in 1981. Most 200Adv have been converted to Freighters in the years after. Is equipped with the JT8D-17A engines.



Features for all variants:


  • Exterior model, created with more than just images of the aircraft. I would confidently say each part is very close if not spot on to what the real aircraft's shape is.
  • Exterior Textures with an average texel density of 150px/inch(on very high rendering settings) giving you a fine detail look without killing frame-rates.
  • Animated control surfaces, including wing flex. Each control surface moves and operates as the real aircraft would. This includes plugin enhancements to make sure the spoilers and dual aileron system work just right.


  • Hundreds of animations both directly and indirectly manipulatable, comprise the 3 crew cockpit of the 727 Series.
  • Each gauge/needle/lever is fully 3D. No 2D instrument was used other than on the Weather display.
  • Detailed 3D cockpit.
  • Detailed panel lighting, including back-lighting and gauge lighting.


  • Electrical systems modeled using a hybrid of X-Plane and plugin enhanced items.
  • Bleed air system modeled in detail, down to how different bleed air ducts interact with each other. Even includes the auto pack trip system.
  • Air conditioning system modeled.
  • Pressurization system model for Automatic and standby systems.
  • Fuel pump system modeled including fuel shutoffs and fuel Xfeed vales
  • Fuel heating system modeled.
  • Hydraulic system modeled, both A and B system hydraulics work as you would expect, and the appropriate flight surfaces correspond to what system has pressure and what doesn't. We also modeled in the ground interconnect and hydraulic brake interconnect.
  • Braking system includes a dependency on hydraulic power. Pneumatic system also modeled.
  • Most exterior and interior lights modeled.
  • WX radar system modeled using XP10s radar output.
  • Sperry SP-150 Block V autopilot modeled. FD system modeled with limitations. Autoflare capable.
  • Engine Fire suppression system simulated. Hence we have programmed in engine failures as well if you meet certain limits.
  • Anti Ice system modeled.
  • Radio stack model, includes 2 COM, 2 NAV, and 2 ADF radios.

Extra items:

A quick menu system on the left side of the screen allows you to bring up various pop ups including, an option menu, Vcards, and Weight & Balance.

The Vcards screen allows you to see, on the fly, Vspeed information regarding takeoff and landing. This information is tied into the instrument speed bugs as well so you always have the speed bugs set for the aircraft's weight.

The Weight & Balance manger, similar to the one on our Q400, allows you to select the load and balance of the aircraft. All information is updated on the fly and effects the aircraft's weight and center of gravity. There are options to set full, empty or random for Fuel, Pax and Cargo, or you can select them individually.

The Options menu includes a quick way to set various options such as cold and dark, field of view, exterior sound volume, time options, and to hide the yoke. More options can easily be added as the need for them arises. Version information is also displays here for quick reference.

Flight model:

At FlyJSim we take pride in our flight model. With over 200 hours of internal testing, you can be sure that the 727 series is at least 95% accurate to the real aircraft. We benefited from having much more information available to us for the 727 than for the Q400 and that allowed us to get even the most subtle nuance of the handling of this aircraft into the sim. This will let you operate the 727 from startup to shutdown just like a real 727 captain.


For the 727 Series, we wanted the audio environment to be spectacular. So this time around we have professional sounds recorded by Turbine Sound Studios, who have been making sound add-ons for FS for years. To get them into the sim with proper Doppler and sound position effects, we are proud to use DreamEngine developed by DreamFoil Creations. The result is absolutely immersive.



Some items only pertain to the individual aircraft. These are:

  • Each variant comes with its equivalent of the exterior model along with flight model.
  • Each variant has a different engine which is simulated. These have different power and thermal ratings. the 100 uses the JT8D-9A, the 200Adv, uses the -15A and the 200F uses the -17A.
  • Each variant also has different weights and balance setup. This also includes a different Weight & Balance manager for each.
  • Future items include cabin and animated doors for each type.


Liveries included:

3 liveries come with each variant for a total of 9. these are:






Additional Information:

Developed for X-Plane 10.20, for Windows, Mac, or LinuxNot for PowerPC

We recommend a video card with a minimum of 1 GB of Vram, and at least 8 GB of system memory. The 727 may run on less by the visual quality and frame-rates will be impacted greatly.

For best results set rendering option to display "very high" textures.

Tech support is provided at the FlyJSim support forums.

Current release version : 1.1303.1020

Note, we do not support X-Plane betas, any support requests involving problems with our plane in one of the betas will not be looked at and maybe deleted.









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